Crafting a Secure Future for Your Family. Today, Tomorrow, and Beyond.


Our Proprietary Kids Protection Plan goes beyond standard safeguards; it’s a comprehensive framework tailored to evolve alongside your family’s journey. As your life progresses, we ensure your children’s future remains secure and adaptable to changing circumstances, offering protection today and foresight for tomorrow.

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Priceless Conversations elevate legacy and estate planning to a more personal level. We create opportunities for you to pass down more than assets – your values, wisdom, and life lessons. This holistic approach to legacy planning is key to nurturing successful, well-rounded individuals for generations to come.

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Recognizing the ever-changing nature of life, we ensure your estate plan remains effective and relevant. Our complimentary review every three years is a cornerstone of this approach, adapting your plan to life’s milestones. It’s about active engagement with your family’s future, not just a one-time arrangement.

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Welcome to Roots and Legal

At Roots and Wings Legal, we understand that legacy and estate planning is a journey, not just a destination. Our personalized services are designed to grow with your family, ensuring peace of mind at every stage of life.

Plan for Today, Prepare for Tomorrow

Proactive Approach with Our Signature Kids Protection Plan

Our signature Kids Protection Plan sets us apart. It's specifically designed to address the complexities of modern family dynamics, providing comprehensive protection for your children's future. With us, you're not just planning; you're actively securing your children's well-being.

Commitment to Continuous Relevance

Estate planning is a dynamic process. That's why we offer complimentary reviews every three years, ensuring your plan remains relevant and effective in the face of life's inevitable changes. We proactively keep your estate plan aligned with your current situation.

Building Long-Term Relationships

Choosing us means choosing a lasting partnership. We believe in building relationships based on trust and understanding. Our commitment is to be your family's legal guide, not just today but for generations to come.

Priceless Conversations for a Meaningful Legacy

Go beyond traditional estate planning with our Priceless Conversations. We offer a unique opportunity to capture and pass on your life's wisdom, values, and stories. It's about creating a lasting legacy that embodies more than just material wealth.

Expertise in a Spectrum of California Estate Law

Our team's expertise extends beyond traditional estate law, covering areas like tax, wills and trusts, probate, property, family law, and business law. This comprehensive understanding allows us to provide holistic and strategic estate planning tailored to the unique legal landscape of California.

Unparalleled Support with Our Membership Program

Our Membership Program reflects our dedication to your family's ongoing legal needs. It offers regular plan updates and exclusive access to our team, ensuring your family's legal planning strategy remains robust and responsive.

Discover the Roots and Wings Legal difference. Contact us to start crafting a secure, dynamic future for your family.

Why Do You Need Legacy Planning?

Don't Leave a Mess.

Protect Who Matters.

Minimize Taxes and Maximize Inheritance.

Preserve Your Legacy.

Avoid Probate and Legal Hassles.

Plan For Incapacity.

Peace of Mind.

Adapt to Life Changes.

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